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Coronary artery patch augmentation for congenital left coronary ostial stenosis in Williams syndrome.

Compound Heterozygote of Point Mutation and Chromosomal Microdeletion Involving OTUD6B Coinciding with ZMIZ1 Variant in Syndromic Intellectual Disability.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Analysis of Mobile Elements at 7q11.23 Williams-Beuren Region by Comparative Genomics.

Hybrid Left Heart Bypass Circuit for Repair of the Descending Aorta in an 8-kg Williams Syndrome Patient.

Motion perception and its disorders.

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Graves' Disease in Genetic Syndromes in Pediatric Age.

Mid-Aortic Syndrome in Williams-Beuren Syndrome with an Atypical Small-Sized Deletion of Chromosome 7q11.23 Misdiagnosed as Takayasu Arteritis.

Molecules, Mechanisms, and Disorders of Self-Domestication: Keys for Understanding Emotional and Social Communication from an Evolutionary Perspective.

The importance of FDG PET/CT in the diagnostic process of the middle aortic syndrome in a 15-year-old boy patient with suspected systemic vasculitis and final diagnosis of Williams-Beuren syndrome.

Heart transplantation in an infant with Williams-Beuren syndrome and rapidly progressive ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Multimodal Retinal Imaging Findings in Williams-Beuren Syndrome.

Minoxidil versus placebo in the treatment of arterial wall hypertrophy in children with Williams Beuren Syndrome: a randomized controlled trial.

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