Clinical Trial Finder: Meet Your Match


Considering clinical trials?

If you or a loved one find yourself managing a serious health condition, you may be curious about the treatment options being studied in clinical trials, or even wonder if clinical trials are a last resort

There are over 30,000 new clinical trials registered worldwide each year, and this number is growing fast.

clinical trial finder at medifind

Even the best doctors can’t stay on top of every new trial. But you can.

Today, during Rare Disease Week, we launched our best-in-class Clinical Trial Finder to help you quickly and easily find the most relevant studies specifically for you. Simply answer a brief series of “smart questions” customized to you and your health condition, and we’ll match you to relevant trials in under a minute.

Wondering what makes our Clinical Trial Finder special?

  • We cover thousands of health conditions, including rare and serious diseases, in addition to the common ones
  • We summarize information so it’s more usable for the rest of us, not just for scientists and doctors
  • We find relevant results quickly by asking you a short series of questions, powered by artificial intelligence
  • We filter by trial phase, recruitment status, trial type, location, and more
  • We help you search by specific term, such as biomarker, mutation, or cancer sub-type
  • We’re global – find trials anywhere in the world

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