MediFind Partners with Advocacy Organizations to Help Those with Serious, Chronic or Rare Conditions Find Better Care, Faster


PHILADELPHIA, Nov.19, 2020 –MediFind, an advanced platform that uses artificial intelligence to help patients make more informed health decisions, today announced a number of strategic partnerships to connect people with the care they need quickly. While MediFind works with a variety of companies, its founders are particularly dedicated to partnering with advocacy organizations that dedicate their time and resources to improve the lives of people impacted by serious health conditions. These partnerships range from providing sophisticated data analysis to integrating MediFind’s data-driven technology directly into organization websites.

“At MediFind, we know that nothing is more valuable than time when patients are facing a serious diagnosis,” said MediFind founder and CEO Patrick Howie. “That’s why we’re partnering with advocacy groups to help patients quickly and easily find the very best doctors for their specific health conditions, ensuring they have the best possible chances at the best health outcomes.” 

MediFind covers more than 3,200 health conditions and can help identify the top experts in each field leveraging its database of over 2.5 million physicians worldwide. Organizations routinely work with MediFind to customize its industry-leading doctor finder to specific health conditions, enabling these groups to embed MediFind’s technology directly into their websites. Some of MediFind’s recent non-profit partnerships include:  

“The number of conditions we cover is always growing. Our proprietary approach to identifying leading experts across thousands of conditions at scale allows us to assist advocacy groups, so they can more efficiently connect patients to the right care as they continue to meaningfully improve lives for patients and their families via their support initiatives.” Howie observed.  

In addition to identifying experts, MediFind also helps people experiencing symptoms investigate potential causes, and enables those affected by serious, complex, or rare diseases to find second opinions and explore the latest treatments, clinical trials, and research findings. 

MediFind is gaining recognition in the industry for the valuable services it provides. This fall, the company was announced as a finalist for Reuter’s Pharma Awards USA in the “Most Valuable Service or Digital Therapy” category, shortlisted for the Shorty Social Good Awards in the “Best in Artificial Intelligence” category, and nominated for the Global Genes 2020 RARE Champions of Hope Award.  Earlier this year, the organization was named a finalist for the Vesalius Innovation Award from Karger Publishers, and selected as a Top 25 Startup by Sierra Ventures.

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Founded on Rare Disease Day in 2020, MediFind is a proprietary technology platform that uses big data to help connect patients to the right care team and treatment protocols faster, improving their chances of optimal health outcomes. With a searchable database powered by advanced machine learning and algorithms, MediFind makes it easy for people facing the most challenging health conditions to locate top doctors, review the latest research and learn about clinical trials. Research findings are summarized in plain language so patients can make more informed decisions faster, because when it comes to health, nothing is more valuable than time. Learn more about MediFind at  

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