(Re)introducing MediFind


What’s new with MediFind?

Since our debut earlier this year, we’ve received lots of helpful feedback from our community. Today, we launched a whole new MediFind experience, inspired by the patients, families, and clinicians who use our platform.

MediFind helps people confronted with many types of health issues. But our community tells us that we’re particularly valuable when their health gets complicated and they don’t know where to turn.

When your health gets complicated and you don't know where to turn, MediFind helps you find better care, faster.

People need help with healthcare in very specific ways that change over time.

The questions you have when you’re searching for a diagnosis are very different from those you have when you’ve exhausted your treatment options.

In recognition of this journey, we’ve designed MediFind to meet you wherever you are. Just tell us how we can help.

How can MediFind help? Symptoms, diagnosis, doctor, second opinion, research and news, and clinical trials.

Comprehensive symptom checker

Not feeling well? MediFind can help you understand your symptoms.

Get to the root of the cause.
When symptoms appear, we help you understand what might be the cause. Just share a few details about your symptoms and some basic health info, and we’ll show you a list of the most likely culprits.

Just diagnosed

Just diagnosed? MediFind can tell you more about your condition, including symptoms, doctors, treatments, and more.

Everything you need, all in one place.
From the rare to the very common, we help you learn about your diagnosis and what it means to you. Find leading experts, latest research, treatment options, and more for your specific health condition.

Find the best doctor

Looking for a doctor? MediFind allows you to search over 2.5 million doctors by condition, specialty, or name to find the top experts.

Connecting you to the best care.
We help you find the best doctors based on data, not opinions. Our database includes over 2.5 million doctors from around the world, and is constantly growing to ensure up-to-date results. You can find a specific doctor by entering their name and location, or start your search by browsing recommended experts based on condition or specialty.

Find a second opinion

Need a second opinion? MediFind helps you find another expert to help you make the best decisions for your health.

Be sure about your diagnosis and options.
When you’re making important health decisions, it’s always recommended to get medical opinions from more than one doctor. MediFind helps you find experts who are most likely to give you a quality second opinion.

Latest medical research and news

Need to stay informed about your condition? MediFind summarizes the latest news, studies, and cutting-edge research about your health condition.

Stay informed on your condition.
Read up on the latest news and advances for your condition. We review the leading medical publications and summarize articles to help you stay on top of studies, breakthroughs, and new treatment options.

Clinical trial finder

Want to explore clinical trials to participate in? MediFind identifies active clinical trials near you with a powerful trial search engine.

Find hope with cutting-edge treatments.
If you’ve exhausted all treatment options, or are simply looking for a different approach, you may find new hope in clinical trials. We identify all active and ongoing clinical trials, so you can discover new opportunities to discuss with your physician.

MediFind 2.0

MediFind is now easier to use, organized around the urgent health questions you need answers to right now, and (dare we say) a little more beautiful. 

Take a look around, and get in touch with your thoughts!

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