Sarah Larcker Joins Chive Charities Advisory Board

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At MediFind, we’re dedicated to helping families facing serious, complex, and rare diseases find better care, faster. And we’re always learning from and partnering with other organizations who share similar missions.

Since 2021, MediFind has worked with Chive Charities, an organization that provides life-changing grants to families facing rare health conditions, veterans, and first responders. To further strengthen our partnership, our CMO Sarah Larcker recently joined Chive Charities’ advisory board, while Chive Charities’ Senior Director of Operations Erika Carley has joined MediFind’s advisory board in a similar capacity. We’re excited to see how these two leaders will lend their expertise to help advance both organizations’ inspiring missions.

To learn more about Chive Charities and all of the critical work they’re doing to fundamentally change the lives of deserving underdogs, read some of the amazing stories of grit found at

Sarah Larcker joins Chive Charities ad board

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