The Rise of PQRS

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Well into our quarantine journey, we finally have reason to hope. Highly effective vaccines brought to market in record time offer light at the end of this long tunnel in many countries. But as fully-vaccinated people begin to resume public life that bears some semblance to life B.C. (Before COVID), we see a new syndrome emerging. You’re familiar with COVID-19, and maybe even MIS-C and PASC (“Long Haul COVID”). But have you heard of PQRS?

Post-Quarantine Reentry Syndrome

Post-Quarantine Reentry Syndrome (PQRS) is on the rise, in step with national vaccination rates. PQRS is generally characterized by the unique mix of elation and anxiety upon engaging in public life post-pandemic.

post quarantine reentry syndrome pqrs

You may have PQRS if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Fear of wearing pants with buttons and/or without spandex
  • Overuse of hugging, high-fiving, and other forms of human affection
  • Dramatic reduction of the phrases “you’re on mute” and “can you see my screen”
  • Loss of aversion to seeing people in groups and/or crowds in movies filmed B.C.
  • Increased urgency to book extravagant travel plans
  • Loss of anonymity due to reduced mask-wearing over time, often accompanied by a dramatic reduction in mask-ne (acne resulting from constant mask use, especially prevalent in summer months)
  • Previously unexperienced enthusiasm for shots
  • Increased anxiety if required to resume a B.C.-level hygiene routine
  • New and unusual joy at going to a crowded bar or restaurant without fear

Coping with PQRS

To help you manage PQRS, we’ve gathered some valuable resources for you:

All levity aside, should you need support for managing symptoms of Long Haul COVID, we’re here to help. Otherwise, we at MediFind wish you the very best on your new journey with PQRS as we enter the “new normal” post-pandemic in many parts of the world.

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