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Cardiovascular outcomes after simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation compared to kidney transplantation alone: a propensity score matching analysis.
Endovascular management of giant common iliac artery pseudoaneurysm after complications in simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant: a case report.
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Late Conversion to Sirolimus or Everolimus After Pancreas Transplant.
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An Adaptive Randomised Controlled Trial to Treat Polyomavirus Infections (BKPyV) in Kidney and Kidney Pancreas Transplant Recipients

Summary: BEAT-BK will see the effect of immunosuppression reduction/modification with and without IVIG on BKPyV infection, allograft function, allograft loss, acute transplant rejection, immunosuppression load and death in kidney and simultaneous kidney pancreas transplant recipients with polyomavirus infections (BKPyV).

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Measurement of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Capacity in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Approaching Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas Transplantation

Summary: Patients being assessed for Kidney Pancreas transplantation often have pre-existing co-morbid disease that contributes to structural cardiac and vascular disease. There is no consensus on optimal pre-listing cardiac assessment to reliably minimize risk of peri-operative cardiac events. Functional status using the cardio-pulmonary exercise test (CPET) has been used in cardiac and abdominal surgery,...