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Risk assessment and prognostic analysis of patients with splenic infarction in emergency department: a multicenter retrospective study.

Monotherapy with mirabegron had a better tolerance than the anticholinergic agents on overactive bladder: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Early Antiarrhythmic Efficacy of Noninvasive Cardiac Radioablation for Ventricular Tachycardia.

COVID-19 and Cardiac Arrhythmias.

Thyroid crisis caused by metastatic thyroid cancer: an autopsy case report.

Radiofrequency vs. Cryoballoon vs. Thoracoscopic Surgical Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation: A Single-Center Experience.

Mortality and ventricular arrhythmia after acute myocarditis: a nationwide registry-based follow-up study.

A high-dose 24-hour tranexamic acid infusion for the treatment of significant gastrointestinal bleeding: HALT-IT RCT.

Cardiovascular outcomes in systemic sclerosis with abnormal cardiovascular MRI and serum cardiac biomarkers.

Premature atrial contractions with multiple patterns of aberrant conduction followed by torsade de pointes in a patient with polymyalgia rheumatica: A case report.

Use of pacemaker in GBS dysautonomia.

Modern therapeutic approaches of cardiac arrhythmias in pregnancy

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