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Botulinum Toxin: From Poison to Possible Treatment for Spasticity in Spinal Cord Injury.

Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Botulism, 2021.

A Case Report of Wound Botulism - Rare Disease on the Rise with the Opioid Crisis.

Spasticity in practice (SPACE): an international non-interventional study of botulinum neurotoxin type A in treatment-naïve subjects with spasticity.

Symptomatic treatment of botulism with a clinically approved small molecule.

Treatment Response and Complications after Intradetrusor OnabotulinumtoxinA Injection in Male Patients with Idiopathic Overactive Bladder Syndrome.

Safety and Clinical Outcomes of an Equine-derived Heptavalent Botulinum Antitoxin Treatment for Confirmed or Suspected Botulism in the United States.

Medical treatment for botulism.

Extracorporeal Shock Waves Versus Botulinum Toxin Type A in the Treatment of Poststroke Upper Limb Spasticity: A Randomized Noninferiority Trial.

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