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Last Updated: 01/20/2023

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A 57-Year-Old Woman with Calcific Tendinitis of the Gluteus Medius Presenting with Right Lateral Hip Pain Managed by Endoscopic Debridement.

Arthroscopic Pan-Capsular and Transverse Humeral Ligament Release with Biceps Tenodesis for Patients with Refractory Frozen Shoulder.

Combined arthroscopic release with corticosteroid hydrodilatation versus corticosteroid hydrodilatation only in treating freezing-phase primary frozen shoulder: a randomized clinical trial.

Intra-Articular Laser Therapy May Be a Feasible Option in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis in Elderly Patients.

Suprascapular nerve block for the treatment of adhesive capsulitis: a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial.

Increase in range of motion after intra-articular injection of triamcinolone acetonide for the treatment of frozen shoulder is related to body mass index.

Conservative treatment for idiopathic frozen shoulder: Is supervised neglect the answer? A systematic review.

Effectiveness of Prolotherapy Combined with Physical Therapy Versus Physical Therapy Only for Frozen Shoulder: A Case Report.

Transarterial Embolization of Neovascularity for Refractory Nighttime Shoulder Pain: A Multicenter, Open-Label, Feasibility Trial.

Manipulation under Anesthesia versus Non-Surgical Treatment for Patients with Frozen Shoulder Contracture Syndrome: A Systematic Review.

Platelet-rich Plasma in the Management of Shoulder Disorders: Basic Science and Implications Beyond the Rotator Cuff.

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Last Updated: 01/20/2023