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Acute Chagas Disease Manifesting as Orbital Cellulitis, Texas, USA.

Interaction With the Extracellular Matrix Triggers Calcium Signaling in Trypanosoma cruzi Prior to Cell Invasion.

Chagas disease and SARS-CoV-2 coinfection does not lead to worse in-hospital outcomes.

Analytical Evaluation of Dried Blood Spot and Rapid Diagnostic Test as a New Strategy for Serological Community Screening for Chronic Chagas Disease.

Differential Expression of Immune Response Genes in Asymptomatic Chronic Chagas Disease Patients Versus Healthy Subjects.

Neglected Parasitic Infections: What Family Physicians Need to Know-A CDC Update.

Emerging infectious disease and transfusion-transmitted infection.

Trypanosoma cruzi Induces Regulatory B Cell Alterations in Patients With Chronic Chagas Disease.

HIV and Chagas Disease: An Evaluation of the Use of Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction to Measure Levels of Trypanosoma cruzi Parasitemia in HIV Patients in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Artificial Inteligence-Based Decision for the Prediction of Cardioembolism in Patients with Chagas Disease and Ischemic Stroke.

Phenotypic and Functional Signatures of Peripheral Blood and Spleen Compartments of Cynomolgus Macaques Infected With T. cruzi: Associations With Cardiac Histopathological Characteristics.

Epidemiology, Biodiversity, and Technological Trajectories in the Brazilian Amazon: From Malaria to COVID-19.

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