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Last Updated : 06/20/2022

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Entropy in Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System of Adolescents with General Learning Disabilities or Dyslexia.

Public misconceptions about dyslexia: The role of intuitive psychology.

Detecting Phase-Synchrony Connectivity Anomalies in EEG Signals. Application to Dyslexia Diagnosis.

Association between urinary propylene oxide metabolite and the risk of dyslexia.

Strategies to Enhance Comprehension in the Healthcare Setting for Patients With Dyslexia.

Convergent and divergent brain structural and functional abnormalities associated with developmental dyslexia.

Action video game training improves text reading accuracy, rate and comprehension in children with dyslexia: a randomized controlled trial.

Multisensory deficits in dyslexia may result from a locus coeruleus attentional network dysfunction.

The assignment and distribution of the dyslexia label: Using the UK Millennium Cohort Study to investigate the socio-demographic predictors of the dyslexia label in England and Wales.

Long-term medication for ADHD and development of cognitive functions in children and adolescents.

Drawing a New Picture: Children with Developmental Dyslexia Exhibit Superior Nonverbal Creativity.

Structural white matter connectometry of reading and dyslexia.

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Last Updated : 06/20/2022