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The Myxedema coma in children and adolescents: A rare endocrine emergency - Personal experience and review of literature.

Analysis of DNM1L gene variant in a case of fatal encephalopathy caused by mitochondrial peroxidase division deficiency.

Hormone resistance in children: what primary care physicians need to know.

Low dose dexamethasone as treatment for women with heavy menstrual bleeding: A response-adaptive randomised placebo-controlled dose-finding parallel group trial (DexFEM).

Noncanonical functions of glucocorticoids: A novel role for glucocorticoids in performing multiple beneficial functions in endometrial stem cells.

Case Report: A Rare Case of Autoinflammatory Phospholipase Cγ2 (PLCγ2)-Associated Antibody Deficiency and Immune Dysregulation Complicated With Gangrenous Pyoderma and Literature Review.

Multidisciplinary team management of 46,XY 17α-hydroxylase deficiency: a case report and literature review.

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