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        Last Updated: 09/20/2023

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        MediFind found 1 doctor with experience in Pica. Of these, 1 are Experienced.

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            Last Updated: 09/20/2023

            How do I know if I should see a Pica doctor near me?

            Typically, your primary care physician will refer you to a Pica doctor near me if they believe it to be necessary based on your symptoms or a formal diagnosis. You can also explore your symptoms or research your diagnosis to find doctors who focus on Pica near me, evaluated based on their level of expertise.

            How do I find the best Pica doctor near me?

            It can be important to find a doctor near me who has extensive experience treating Pica. This is especially true if your condition is a serious, complex, or rare disease. But it can be challenging to know which doctors near me have the most experience in Pica. User review sites like Yelp are often of minimal help, especially since there can be a number of problems with relying on reviews of Pica doctors near me from other patients.

            Here at MediFind, we evaluate physicians according to their expertise so you can quickly find the best Pica doctor near me to fit your needs. Each Pica doctor near me is assessed based on research, patient volume, standing among peers, and connectedness to other physicians who focus specifically on Pica. MediFind analyzes data across thousands of health conditions, including Pica, so a doctor who is an expert in one condition may not necessarily be an expert in another.

            You can find a Pica doctor in any of the 10 largest U.S. cities by clicking below:
            Pica doctor near New York, NY
            Pica doctor near Los Angeles, CA
            Pica doctor near Chicago, IL
            Pica doctor near Houston, TX
            Pica doctor near Phoenix, AZ
            Pica doctor near Philadelphia, PA
            Pica doctor near Atlanta, GA
            Pica doctor near Boston, MA
            Pica doctor near Dallas, TX
            Pica doctor near San Jose, CA

            How does MediFind identify the best Pica doctors near me?

            When evaluating expertise in Pica, we go beyond simply looking at the number of patients a doctor near me sees for Pica. We consider many additional factors such as the number of articles about Pica a doctor has published in medical journals, participation in clinical trials studying Pica, speaking at industry conferences about Pica, prescribing and referral patterns related to Pica (including those located near me), and strength of connections with other experts in Pica.

            Based on this information, doctors near me fall into one of four levels of expertise for Pica:

            Elite Pica doctors near me are global leaders in their fields. In addition to seeing a high volume of patients and referrals for Pica, they publish many articles in medical journals, speak at medical conferences, and participate in multiple clinical trials on Pica, often located near me. They are likely to be on the cutting edge of new treatments for Pica. These doctors are also likely to hold leadership positions in their respective organizations and fields related to Pica.

            Distinguished Pica doctors near me are leaders in their fields and set themselves apart from many of their peers with their research portfolios and cutting-edge treatments focusing on Pica, in addition to seeing large numbers of patients with Pica. These doctors are likely to have the most expertise in their region for Pica.

            Advanced Pica doctors near me can be excellent at diagnosing and treating conditions like Pica. They treat many patients and have extensive experience in Pica, but they are less likely to publish in medical journals, speak at medical conferences, or participate in clinical trials near me related to Pica.

            Experienced Pica doctors near me focus on diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions, and can be either specialists or primary care physicians. They have some experience with Pica, but often refer patients to more specialized providers near me for complex or serious conditions. The majority of doctors fall in this rating.

            If you have a rare condition or a very serious illness, seeking advice and treatment from top doctors near me may be the best choice. In the majority of situations, top tier expertise is not necessary.

            In what order are Pica doctors near me displayed on MediFind?

            When you search for a specific health condition (such as Pica near me), there are three ways you can sort the results: Relevance, Rating, and Distance. Relevance is selected by default.

            Relevance: Sorting is based on tiers, with the highest tiers appearing first (such as Elite), within the geographic area near me. Within each tier, the doctors are listed by:

            1. Pica doctors near me with premium profiles, who have partnered with MediFind to provide additional profile information and enable online scheduling or appointment requests
            2. Pica doctors near me with videos. Many patients prefer to get a better feel for a potential Pica doctor before choosing to make an appointment . In fact, research shows that patients typically judge their Pica doctor’s expertise based on a combination of competence and warmth. Outside of meeting in person near me, videos are the best way to get a sense for a doctor’s personality and approach, so MediFind prioritizes Pica doctors who have videos available
            3. Condition rating for Pica. This score is a proprietary measure of expertise in Pica, and is shown in descending order by tier in the specified geography near me

            Rating: Sorting is based on tiers, which are specific to each health condition, including Pica. Doctors are listed in descending order by scores for each tier within the geographic area near me.

            Distance: Sorts doctors with experience in Pica by proximity near me, within the search radius you have set.

            Pica doctors near me who are members of partner programs may also appear in one of the two positions at the top of the results page, and are labeled as “featured.”

            Should I get a second opinion from another specialist near me for Pica?

            When you’re making important decisions about any health condition, including Pica, it’s always recommended to get medical opinions from more than one doctor near me with experience in Pica. If you were just diagnosed with Pica, but something in your gut tells you to seek more guidance, it’s OK to consult with another Pica doctor or specialist near me to get additional insight into your condition and care. Second opinions for Pica are highly valuable because they can either confirm or disprove your original diagnosis or provide different perspectives from different physicians. If you are unsure about getting a second opinion from another Pica doctor near me because you don’t want to offend your current doctor, don’t let your concerns stop you. The fact is that most doctors, including Pica doctors, will not get offended and welcome second opinions. You can even use MediFind to search for another Pica doctor near me who can provide a second opinion.

            How can I learn about the latest research and medical advances my Pica doctor may know about?

            Pica doctors know there is new scientific research happening all the time, and in fact, it’s estimated that the total body of medical knowledge now doubles every 73 days. That’s a lot of information to keep up with, even for an excellent Pica doctor. MediFind can help you explore the latest medical advances, research, and breakthroughs for Pica, giving you access to the same cutting-edge information as your Pica doctor.

            How can I research clinical trials my Pica doctor might tell me about, especially ones that are located near me?

            Your doctor may bring up clinical trials for Pica during one of your appointments, including those located near me. Clinical trials are a type of medical research conducted by doctors and researchers focused on evaluating the effects of new tests and treatments on Pica. The purpose of clinical trials is to find improvements or discoveries for diseases like Pica and its treatments, and top-tier Pica doctors are likely working to stay on top of these developments. MediFind can help you easily search and filter clinical trials for your health condition, including those located near me that your Pica doctor may bring up in conversation. You can also learn more about what to consider when exploring clinical trials that you may wish to discuss with your Pica doctor.

            What should I bring with me to an appointment with my Pica doctor near me?

            Bring your list of concerns (or reasons for your visit) related to Pica with you on a piece of paper or your phone, so you can easily recall them when speaking to your Pica doctor near me. You may want to consider bringing a friend or loved one for support, and to help you recall the information after your visit. Bring a notebook so you can take notes, copies of your medical records (dating back at least one year), a list of current medications, supplements and allergies to medications, your family history of disease (especially if related to Pica), and a list of symptoms (and details about how long they last and how often they occur) to discuss with your Pica doctor near me.

            When talking with your doctor, be honest and don’t hold anything back, since your doctor can only help you with the information you give them. Understanding the full picture will give your Pica doctor more to work with and help them provide you with the best care.

            How can I get the most out of my Pica doctor appointment near me?

            Being a “good patient” isn’t just about listening to your Pica doctor. It’s about engaging in your health together to ensure you receive a high quality of care, which is called practicing patient autonomy. It’s important to be honest with your Pica doctor near me, and hide nothing, even if it’s embarrassing. You should also speak up and voice your concerns, and listen and ask questions of your Pica specialist. You may also consider doing your own research on your condition and talking to other patients before or after speaking with your Pica doctor.

            What questions should I ask my Pica doctor?

            A few topics you may wish to ask your Pica doctor about include: Pica diagnosis details, symptom management, medical care, second opinions from other doctors, whether you should see a different specialist, treatment plans, side effects, and expectations for follow-up appointments with your Pica doctor.

            Can a Pica doctor near me help me check symptoms?

            Depending on your symptoms, a Pica doctor near me may be able to provide a different point of view on your health than your primary care physician. You can also explore your symptoms and bring the results with you to your Pica doctor visit for discussion.

            What types of insurance are accepted by Pica doctors near me?

            You should always contact your Pica doctor’s office to make sure they take your health insurance. Every Pica doctor has different arrangements with insurance providers. The most commonly accepted insurance may not be the same as elsewhere, but some of the largest insurance providers are: Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Centene, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation), CVS Health/Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Molina Healthcare, and Cigna. You can also check with any Pica doctor to see if they accept Medicare and Medicaid.

            How can I book an appointment online with a Pica doctor near me?

            While contacting the doctor’s office directly is usually the fastest way to determine availability of a Pica doctor near me, MediFind offers direct scheduling and appointment requests for some partners. These Pica doctors will have a “book now” button on their profiles. Phone numbers are also always provided for Pica doctors near me where possible.

            Can I book a video visit with a Pica doctor near me?

            While many primary care physicians have begun to see patients online through video visits (often called telehealth or telemedicine), many of the top specialists, including leading Pica doctors near me, do not yet offer this service. This is due to the complexity of seeing new patients and the ever-changing regulatory environment that governs this type of care. Contacting the Pica doctor’s office directly is usually the best course of action to determine how to make an appointment, and which kind is most appropriate for you.

            How do I find a female Pica doctor near me?

            Many patients prefer to see Pica doctors near me of a specific gender, whether that be female, male, or non-binary. MediFind lets you filter your results by a number of factors, including gender, location, specialty, and years of experience.