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What are the Latest Advances for Skeletal-Extraskeletal Angiomatosis?
Difficult Therapeutic Decisions in Gorham-Stout Disease-Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Linear accelerator stereotactic radiosurgery can modulate the clinical course of Hemangioblastoma: Case series and review of the literature.
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A case report of Gorham-Stout disease diagnosed during the course of recurrent meningitis and cholesteatoma.
What are the latest Skeletal-Extraskeletal Angiomatosis Clinical Trials?
Identification of Biomarkers for Patients With Vascular Anomalies

Summary: The study will use blood (serum and plasma) and tissue obtained from participants undergoing prescribed surgical resection of vascular anomalies of interest proposed in this study. The study will also use blood (serum and plasma) and tissue collected and stored in a tissue bank maintained by the Department of Hematology/Oncology.

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Lymphatic Anomalies Registry for the Assessment of Outcome Data

Summary: Lymphatic anomalies are a rare subset of vascular anomalies that are poorly understood. the understanding of the natural history, long-term outcomes, risk factors for morbidity and mortality, and the relative benefit of medical therapies and procedures is limited.The goal of this project is to better understand these diseases and improve the care of theses rare patients. To do this, the investigat...