What is the definition of Neural Crest Tumor?

Neural crest tumors are various tumors arising from neural crest cells which travel through the body. Neural crest tumors fall into four categories that are determined by their cell lineage: 1) sympathetic-adrenal tumors (pheochromocytoma, paraganglioma, and peripheral neuroblastic tumors (pNTS), including ganglioneuroblastoma and ganglioneuroma); Schwann cell tumors (benign nerve sheath tumors, neurofibroma, schwannoma, and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors; melanocytic tumors (melanoma); and multiple lineage tumor syndromes (MEN; parathyroid adenomas, endocrine tumors of the gastroenteropancreatic tract and pituitary adenomas, medullary thyroid cancer, and diffuse gastrointestinal ganglioneuromatosis.

What are the symptoms for Neural Crest Tumor?

The symptoms of neural cell tumors depend on the type and location.

What are the current treatments for Neural Crest Tumor?

Treatment for neural crest tumors depends on the type and location and may include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, newer targeted therapies, and surgery.

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