Spastic Paraplegia Type 4

Clinical Trials


Studying the Presymptomatic and Early Phase of SPG4

Intervention Type: Diagnostic Test, Other, Behavioral
Study Type: Interventional
Sponsors: University Hospital Tuebingen
Participants: 200
Study goals 1. Prospective longitudinal data on progression in the natural course of SPG4 in presymptomatic mutation carriers prior to clinical disease onset and in early stages of disease 2. Biomarkers providing objective measures of disease activity
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University Hospital Tübingen, Center for Neurology - Recruiting
Tübingen, Germany
Ludger Schöls, Prof.
+49 7071 / 29 ext 82057
Sex: All
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 70
Healthy Volunteers: No
Inclusion Criteria:
- First degree relatives (parents, offspring, and sibs) of SPG4 patients or symptomatic individuals with known SPAST mutation
- Age 18 to 70 years
- Written, informed consent (patient)
Exclusion Criteria:
- No known SPAST-mutation within the family
- Manifest spastic gait (subclinical signs like increased deep tendon reflexes, positive Babinski sign are allowed)
- Participation in interventional trials
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Spastic Paraplegia Type 4

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